This paleo take on a classic favourite is wonderfully moist and spicy.  A fantastic addition to autumn morning teas and coffee with friends.  It can be also converted into cupcakes large or small for school lunches. preparation time: 15 minutes       cook time: 50 mins          yields: 1 cake/24 small…

Paleo Gravy

Roast dinners just aren’t the same if they aren’t dripping with scrummy gravy.  Here is a fab gravy recipe that is tried on the most anti paleo of grandfathers who just couldn’t tell the difference and kept coming back for more. preparation time: 10 minutes                    cook time: 10 mins…

Roast Chicken with mouth watering stuffing

There’s nothing like a roast chicken to warm you up on a cold autumn evening, and I have always loved mine stuffed, but traditional stuffings are made on bread crumbs which for obvious reasons don’t fit into our paleo lifestyle.  I’ve tried a number of different stuffings, including just a simple lemon and herbs, but…

Vanilla Cookie Crunch

This delicious concoction was invented by my darling 9 year old son. They are so delicious and very moorish. Substitute the cashews for your favourite nuts.

Maple Sugar

My DH thought he had died and gone to heaven the first time I made this.  It is divine, and a great substitute for sugar in Paleo baking, or dusting of cakes/pies/soufflés. preparation time: 5 minutes                    cook time: 30 mins             …

Raw Chilli Chocolate Bliss Balls

These balls are incredibly moorish, full of protein and vitamin C. They pack a fantastic punch with a bit of heat from the chilli.


These delicious pancakes will give your family all the energy that they need to start the day.