Prepping baking tins

One of the most essential elements of amazing baking is to ensure that you prep your tins correctly.  Baking paper is convenient however it is in reality a chemical concoction that most of us are trying to steer clear of irrespective of the simplicity that it brings into our lives.

When prepping baking tins, grease them thoroughly with a fat.  I really like to use ghee, or grass fed butter.  Coconut oil is just as good.  If you are concerned about the flavour of coconut oil, grab one that is flavourless.

You need to get into every single nook and cranny of the tin.  I like to use a pastry brush to make sure that it is thoroughly coated.

But greasing is not enough.

Once greased take a teaspoon of either tapioca flour or cacao powder (depending on the type of cake you are making, so for a chocolate cake use cacao powder, or for an orange cake use tapioca flour, and plop it into the bottom of the tin.

Then turn the tin on it’s side and tap it to move the flour around.  The flour will create a light film as it sticks to where you have thoroughly coated the tin with the fat.

If you do this well I guarantee you a stick free pan every single time!