the birth of “a delicious country”

a delicious country was born out of a desire to express myself to others, and to share the beautiful gift that I have of creating delicious, home cooked meals that are healthy, paleo, and outstandingly delicious.

Our family has been paleo now since January 2016, and this change in lifestyle completely turned our lives around.

  • The adults have settled on a comfortable weight, which involved losing more than a small child in kilograms for me, and a bulking up of lean muscle for dh.
  • The children’s daily tummy aches are gone
  • The children’s and the husband’s eczema is gone
  • ds’s constant headaches have disappeared
  • The husband’s chronic and completely unbearable sleep apnea (aka I’m going to put a pillow over your head and hold it there if you don’t stop snoring) is gone
  • We are fitter, less tired, have far more energy, are happier, are less stressed even in the face of chronic trials, and are able to deal with the struggles that day to day life throws at us.

We started Paleo by reservedly signing up for Pete Evans’ Paleo Way*.  Which was nothing short of brilliant.  What started out as a 10 week exercise and a promise of “I’m definitely never giving up ice-cream or bread long term!” has become a healthful and wonderful way of life… and I’ve given up ice-cream and bread (well the processed stuff anyway)

However 12 months in, I started to get restless and a bit bored with the status quo, and wondered if there was a way I could convert some of my old favourites into paleo recipes.

A Delicious Country is the result.

Consider it my online food journal, made public for you to enjoy, comment on, and offer feedback.