Vanilla Essence

So many meals I prepare use vanilla essence and as you would be aware buying vanilla is very expensive.  So I thought I would tell you how to make it.  It is so very very easy, and great to have 750ml on hand when you go through so much.

preparation time: 5 minutes                    cook time: 1 week                                 yields: 750mL


  • 750mL gluten free grain free vodka
  • 6-10 vanilla beans (more for more flavour)
  • 750mL bottle with a lid that seals well



  1. Slice the vanilla beans in half and insert into the bottle
  2. Pour the vodka into the bottle, cap and shake gently
  3. Place in the pantry.

The longer you leave this the richer the vanilla flavour and colour.  In reality a week really isn’t enough, you need longer, but the flavour will definitely be there.

Make certain that you pick a gluten free vodka and preferably a grain free vodka too. These days, vodka is made from grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. Some specialty vodkas would even come from sugar cane, corn, potatoes, and even grapes.  The latter two are your better options. I like CÎROC Vodka which is distilled from Grapes and readily available near me.


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